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Famsystem Technology offers a wide range of technologies and manufactures in the premises situated in Germiston. We have extensive experience on all of our products well over 30 years.

Famsystem Technology has representation in KZN and Western Cape and supplies plant and equipment to the whole of South Africa as well as exporting to Africa and beyond.

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Famsystem FMP

Famsystem FMP


The various sections of an activated sludge process are clearly visible in the construction of the Famsystem FMP unit as each zone is contained in a separate tank.

An anaerobic or interceptor tank: this tank is used for the initial digestion of the incoming sewage as well as the possible storage of activated sludge, if sludge can not be dried on site and has to be removed.

fmpThe aeration tanks (or tank) are flat-bottomed tanks with a special aeration ring positioned in the bottom of the tank. Air is introduced and by means of the special aeration system, intimate contact is established between the air and the solid matter. Aeration efficiency is not time dependant and remains at these high levels even after many years of operation.

A number of designs are available to ensure that aeration is optimised in each plant.

The third section of the plant consists of a clarifier tank where solids are settled and a clear overflow liquid is produced. Although more expensive to manufacture, only conical tanks are used for this application so that all sludge collected in the tank can be recycled. No solids will build up in the bottom of the tank which would become anaerobic and cause foaming in the settler, generating a dirty effluent.

The final contact tank is a chlorine contact tank, which finally treats the liquor to produce an effluent in accordance with the General Limits in terms of the South African Water Act Standard suitable for discharge into rivers or for use as irrigation.

Clarification and disinfection tanks are designed for the typical peak values which are experienced in smaller plants This conservative approach ensures that the Famsystem sewage plants offer good results under all operating conditions.

The basic system described above, has been extended to include a number of recycles and anoxic zones to improve the nitrogen removal of the plants, as without these recycles lower nitrate levels will not be achieved.

The Famsystem FMP process is designed for individual applications to ensure that all aspects of the application are fully taken into consideration. As standard equipment is used, costs can be kept to a minimum.

For South African dams and rivers feeding directly into dams, the Department of Water Affairs requires the removal of nutrients including both nitrates and phosphates.

Depending on the application, a biological system of nutrient removal or a chemical phosphate removal can be offered.

It is clear from the above that the process used in the Famsystem FMP plants is basic and simple and does not require special equipment or specialised operators.
To ensure the complete plant offers the user a long-term viable alternative, the plant is manufactured using plastic and/or fibreglass tanks. The fibreglass tank system uses a special resin system so that full corrosion resistance is guaranteed. The external surface is waxed and pigmented green for better UV resistance, allowing the installation of the plant above or below ground. Fibreglass ensures a plant life of well over 20 years.

As the plant, including the fibreglass tanks, is fully manufactured at the Famsystems factory, prices can be kept at a minimum. By using standard tanks and pre-assembly, costs of erection are also minimised. Quality control procedures for all work have been set up.

The Famsystem FMP system offers a low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency solution to sewage problems for applications such as: police stations, hotels, resorts or smaller housing developments, toll plazas, forester stations and any other smaller development.

A long list of references is available on request. Operating plants are running successfully for 15 years.

Operation is mostly done by the owner but full operation, maintenance and monitoring packages are available to ensure that constant qualified supervision exists to ensure the plant remains effective over the years.

As over the years Famsystems have monitored a number of their plants, it can be confirmed that the above effluent results are obtained as long as operation is done within the set out parameters. A plant built at a shopping centre in Pretoria was showing major problems as the plant was managed incorrectly. Shortly after signing a monitoring agreement with Famsystems, the quality of the plant was well within the specifications it was designed for and the plant has maintained this efficiency over the last few years..

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