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Famsystem Technology offers a wide range of technologies and manufactures in the premises situated in Germiston. We have extensive experience on all of our products well over 30 years.

Famsystem Technology has representation in KZN and Western Cape and supplies plant and equipment to the whole of South Africa as well as exporting to Africa and beyond.

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Famsystems RHC Plants

Famsystems RHC Plants

After the success of the Famsystem FMP process, the need for a larger system became apparent.
This design had to conform to the same basics as used in the FM process including;

  • Possibility for extension in time using a modular process
  • Capability of handling both Gernal and Special standard effluents with the various recycles required for this process.
  • Offer the same cost advantage

Based on the modular process, the Famsystem RHC plant was developed. The sytem has proven to be less expensive than other designs and only batch type systems can compete on a price basis. However as the Famsystem RHC design is based on a continuous process, effluent quality is of continuous excellent quality.

The design is a rectangular reinforced concrete structure with baffles in fibreglass. The standard layout offers a dual stream system, so that at any stage in the future maintenance can be done without stopping the flow of sewage.

The aeration system in this process uses fine bubble aeration system which is well suited for the rectangular layout and for these higher flows, also reduces the power requirement of the plant.

The Famsystem RHC process offer the following advantages of the system are obvious, and it offers:

  • Easier civil work in that only a simple reinforced concrete construction is required.
  • Design can be adapted to suit both special inlet conditions and effluent requirements
  • Special peak flows can be handled easily
  • It incorporates all the aspects of a successful activated sludge design including all recycle systems that may be required to achieve the required results.

The Famsystem RHC plant can be supplied as an open plant or as shown in the enclosed photograph can be covered with a fibreglass roof. The plant, as for all other designs, does not produce an odour as it makes use of submerged fine bubble aeration with excess air being made available.

This is in stark contrast with mechanical aerators or paddle type units, which create significant odours making the latter not suitable to be installed close to housing or offices.

Using multiple reactors in one plant, the Famsystem RHC system can be applied to plants of just over 2Ml/day

Operational results both locally and in Africa confirm the excellent operational characteristics of this design. Operation is mostly done by the owner but full operation, maintenance and monitoring packages are available to ensure that constant qualified supervision exists to ensure the plant remains effective over the years

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