Manufacturing Facilities

Thermoplastic Tanks

Thermoplastic Tanks

Fibreglass Tanks

In-house manufacture and design of fibreglass tanks for industrial applications designed to BS4994. All resins used, depending on operating conditions.

Capacities from a few litres to over 100 000 litres. Tanks with conical or sloping bottoms can be designed and manufactured.

Fibreglass tanks can also be lined internally with thermoplastic for special corrosive duties. Liners include PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, PFA, Halar, FEP etc.

Thermoplastic Tanks

Standard rotomoulded PE tanks from 10 litres to 10 000 litres, designed to suit the application and using connections as required. In-house manufacture of tanks in PVC, PP, HDPE or PVDF from sheet material, designed to the German DVS standard. All types of tanks supplied: open/closed, round/square etc.

General Manufacturing

The manufacturing facilities can also be used to manufacture a wide range of equipment and systems, including: plastic piping systems, plastic ducting systems, scrubbers and other towers, plastic fans, covers, boxes, hoods etc.