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Famsystem Technology offers a wide range of technologies and manufactures in the premises situated in Germiston. We have extensive experience on all of our products well over 30 years.

Famsystem Technology has representation in KZN and Western Cape and supplies plant and equipment to the whole of South Africa as well as exporting to Africa and beyond.

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Sewage Plants

Sewage Plants

The FAMSYSTEM Sewage Systems will treat effluent and sewage producing water in accordance with the Department of Water Affairs Specification of 5 April 1962, R553, General Standard or Special Standard.

The need to treat sewage for smaller applications is no longer questioned and the re-use of water and protection of ground water and river systems is now widely accepted.

The FAMSYSTEM sewage plants offer a wide range of solutions designed for the application. Operation has been proven in numerous applications throughout Africa.

It was decided at the beginning of the 2011 to rebrand the sewage plants. Previously these were marketed under the name Famsystems – Siyageza and Biogeza and it was decided to limit the names and use exclusively the name Famsystem Sewage Systems.

There are a number of reasons for this including:

  • The name Famsystem for sewage plants has proven itself in the Hartebeespoort Dam area where most of the plants were built under this name and both engineers and authorities are very familiar with this name.
  • As the company itself is monitoring these plants continuously, it is known and proven that these plants are all producing excellent results some even after more than 15 years of operation.
  • The Famsystem sewage plant is thus known among the authorities as being reliable in the long run, which in today’s market conditions, where there are numerous operators offering lower cost plants at the cost of long term stable operation, is extremely important.

There are various designs available from single house plant units to plants with flows of over 2 Ml/day. Each design is standard in principle but is adapted to the application. This allows low cost, quick delivery and long trouble free operating life.

Applications are small developments, police stations, hotels, border posts, long term construction sites and many others, As the system is completely nature friendly and produces no smell, it is also ideal for developments in the new Eco-tourism being considered throughout Africa.

Range includes:

  • Single house units – reuse sewage to irrigate the gardenType FMP up to 250kl/day
  • Type RHC in concrete up to 2Ml/day
  • Special container plants for temporary sites or export applications
  • Recycle systems to use sewage water in urinals
  • Moving Bed reactors for small footprint applications
  • Retrofitting large plants doubling output
  • Membrane units

The basic technology used in the Famsystem Sewage Plants is the activated sludge process. This applies to both small and large processing plants and the difference lies in the arrangement and enhancement of the various sections of the process.

The activated sludge process is a natural process and nature offers us a unique solution to treat sewage. It has been used for many years, and has been proven to be extremely effective if plant design is correct and operation levels maintained.

The Famsystem technology is designed to work for ever. The market has seen many plants that by using so called special features reduce the size of the plants. These plants however tend to have major problems after a short period of operation resulting in failure of the plant and pollution of the environment, by increasing levels of ammonia and other pollutants in the effluent.

The Famsystem Sewage Plants have proven to operate as effective after 15 years as when they were commissioned commissioned.