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Famsystem Technology offers a wide range of technologies and manufactures in the premises situated in Germiston. We have extensive experience on all of our products well over 30 years.

Famsystem Technology has representation in KZN and Western Cape and supplies plant and equipment to the whole of South Africa as well as exporting to Africa and beyond.

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Thermoplasticts Tanks

Standard Moulded Range

The rotomoulded PE (Poly – Ethylene) tanks offer many advantages to the user:

  • Lowest possible cost
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Quick delivery
  • Large range

The tanks are moulded in standard sizes. The dimensions are thus fixed and cannot be altered. Various types of connections can be added, to adapt the tank for specific applications:

  • Flanged connections
  • Threaded tank connectors or sockets
  • Liquid filled sightglass
  • Float type dry sightglass for dangerous chemicals
  • Special vents

a_tanksThe totally enclosed tanks are shown in the sketches below, with dimensions as listed. The wall thickness of the tanks is adapted to the density of the liquid stored. When purchasing a standard tank, it is important that the specific gravity of the liquid stored is taken into account.

Dimensional Data

In addition to the vertical tanks the following special tanks are also available, including horizontal tanks and silo tanks. The silo tanks are fitted with a 45 deg cone.
The silo tanks are to be supported in a special steel structure that includes a basket design to support the conical section of the tanks.
As an alterative to the closed PE tanks listed above, we can offer standard loose lid tanks.
Having experienced problems with tanks larger then 10 000litres, Famsystems no longer markets any tanks in excess of 10 000 litres.